Research tips - Guinness Archive

1998 when the Company employed its first professional archivist to curate the Company's history.

Contact information

GUINNESS STOREHOUSE St James's Gate, Dublin 8, Ireland
Open by appointment Monday - Friday, 9.30am-5.00pm
Use the email form as the website

Available records

The Guinness Archive preserves the historical records of the Guinness Company at St. James’s Gate in Dublin. They do not hold the private estate records of the Guinness family, nor the papers of the former Guinness brewery in Leixlip.

Highlights of the Guinness Archive include:
  • Over 7,500 linear metres of records
  • Over 2,500 press and poster advertising
  • The original 9000 year lease signed by Arthur Guinness on St. James's Gate Brewery
  • Original brewing ledgers
  • 20,000 employee files
  • The Archive answers 12,000 historical enquiries annually from all over the world
  • The oldest artefacts in the collection are barley grains from Tutankhamun's Tomb - nearly 3,500 old
There is no known existence of any documentation relating to the Guinness family operations in Leixlip other than the 1756 lease on the Leixlip brewery site, a copy of which is displayed in the Courtyard Hotel in Leixlip (the site of the original brewery).


If you suspect that your ancestor worked for Guinness at St James's Gate, it's best to contact the archive via the email form on their website, to enquire if the archive contains any records relating to your research. From there you can arrange time for further research on-site. Even if they don't have any records, a visit to GUINNESS STOREHOUSE is always well worth it.